Speeches in the Bible

Speeches in the Bible

Jesus’ prayer before His Betrayal
In the gospel of John this prayer contains 486 words=(3×3)x(3x3x3)x2

The Parable of the Sower
The gospel of Matthew contains 91 words=7×13
The gospel of Mark contains 104 words=2x2x2x13

The Sermon on the Mount
            In the gospel of Matthew contains 1936 words=(4×4)x(11×11)
IT is worthy to note here that the longest discourse of John Baptist, like the longest discourse of our Lord has also the square of eleven for its base number, and that our Lord’s sermon contains just sixteen times as many words as John’s, and sixteen is itself a square, and the square of a square.

In the gospel of Mark, this sermon contains 520 words = (2x2x2x13)x5

12th chapter of John – discourse of our Lord to the Greeks
Contains 182 words=(7×13)x2

The night of betrayal
            In gospel of John, the words of Jesus from the 15th chapter till Jesus proceeds with His prayer are 1001=7x11x13

From the moment that the Savior was taken by the soldiers, up to where He was offered to them by Pilate for the last time, of the times Jesus spoke between these places, in the gospel of John is 169 words=13×13

The charge to the apostles contained in Matthew 10
            This discourse contains 637 words = 7x7x13

Jesus’ answer to the disciples question ‘Who then is greater in the Kingdom of Heaven?’
In the gospel of Matthew, it contains 392 words = (2x2x2)x(7×7)

The Sermon on the Mount of Olives
In the gospel of Matthew it contains 1496 words                                                                        = 2x2x2x11x17

Jesus’ answer to Peter’s question about how many times must he forgive
In the gospel of Matthew it contains 221 words = 13×17

Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus
Contains 306 words = (3x3x17)x2

Peter’s sermon on Pentecost
            Found in the book of Acts, this sermon contains 429 words = (11×13)x3

Peter’s explanation of the Lame mans healing at the gate called Beautiful
            This explanation contains 289 words = 17×17

The Angel warns Joseph twice, in dreams, to take the child and flee
            The first of the angels warnings contains 21 words = 7×3
The second warning contains 28 words = 7×4
Combining the two warnings contains 49 words = 7×7

The Lord’s prayer
In the gospel of Matthew it contains 59 words = 19×3
In the gospel of Luke it contains 38 words = 19×2



After leaving the Ark, Jehovahs speech when He makes a covenant with Noah
This speech contains 209 words = 11×19

God addresses Joshua after Moses dies
            Found in Joshua 1:2-9, this address contains 144 words = 12×12 = (3×3)x(4×4) = (2×2)x(2×2)x(3×3)

The speeches up to the point of Adams creation
            contains 171 words = 3x3x19

Words spoken up to the time Adam received command from God
            contains 189 words = 3x3x3x7

Words spoken up to the creation of Eve
Contains 198 words = (3x3x11)x2

Words spoken from beginning to Creation’s completion
            Contains 224 words = (2×2)x(2x2x2x7)

From the beginning to the serpents question to Eve
            Contains 306 words = (3x3x17)x2

Words Spoken To the curse placed upon the serpent
            Contains 342 words = (3x3x19)x2

Words Spoken To the question put to Cain by the Lord
Contains 448 words = 8x8x7 or 4x4x4x7 or                                                                                 (2x2x2)x(2x2x2x7)

Words Spoken Up to Lamech’s song
Contains 555 words

NOTE: Number of righteous Lamech’s years           777
Number of Beast in Revelation                                   666
words spoken up to wicked Lamech’s song              555
Number of prophecy group                                         444

Words Spoken up to the sentence of the flood
            Contains 588 words = (2×2)x(7×7)x3

Words Spoken Up to Noah leaving the Ark
            Contains 816 words = (4x4x17)x3 or                                                                                 (2×2)x(2x2x17)x3

Words Spoken Up to the descendants of Noah

           Contains 1088 words = 8x8x17 or 4x4x4x14 or (2x2x2)x(2x2x2x17)