A Warning from God to Heed

A Warning From God to Heed

It is time to choose, America, and not as a nation, but as individuals.  ‘United We Stand’, but we can also fall while united, if we do not look and seek after the One who we should each be united with. What we have felt and experienced up to this point are just shimmers and shacks that, with a repentant and soft heart would draw us as individuals to repentance and Christ.  But those shimmers are just a precursor – a warning of what is to come if we do not humble ourselves and pray, while forsaking our wicked and perverse ways. (2 Chr 7:14).

I say again, it is time to choose, America, while there is still some light left in this country of ours!  We must choose as individuals to either bow our knees in humility and repentance before our God – our Creator – and the Lord Jesus Christ, or stand in our pride and arrogance shaking our fists at that same God and Creator.  Either way, we must choose.  Those that call yourselves Christians:  if you are lukewarm, you are about to be spit out – get off the fence – bend your knee – submit your heart to Christ to be cleansed and set ablaze for His glory.  Our mission is to have Christ’s light shine forth from us – that it may draw others to Him, not to have that light snuffed out by the world – that there would be no visible distinction between the light of Christ in us and the darkness of the world… no distinction is lukewarm! Light overcomes darkness, unless you hide the light or snuff it out.

I say again, it is time to choose, America!  The sins of our past, combined with the sins of our present are going to overtake us – we are accountable, and God is just!  Repent, that these sins would no longer be counted against us!  If we think in our pride, that we can rewrite history to suit our purposes and that it actually changes what happened, we have only fooled ourselves – the history has not changed, only what we could have learned from it has – and instead of learning from it, we then become ignorant to the truth!  We cannot justify ourselves by rewriting history, or changing the way we judge our righteousness, or changing how or why we were created.

It is time to choose, America! You are prideful, arrogant, fat, and lazy!  We are told that: ‘Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty (arrogant, superior, and disdainful) spirit before a fall’ (prov. 16:18).  We are arrogant enough to look at our military might and falsely say that no one can defeat us – one of the many ways that God has judged in the past is by using and compelling other nations to attack a nation He is calling to himself or to warn that the direction they are walking is unacceptable.

There are plenty of examples in the Bible of this, including a puffed up and arrogant nation being defeated by a comparatively weak army.  From the roots of its foundation, America has been blessed, and we are now fat and lazy from this over abundance.  We no longer seek God to provide for us – we no longer trust in God’s provision – we worship the commodity instead of the Creator.  We have lost the meaning of Matt 6:33, ‘But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.’  America, in your foolishness, you have forgotten history – the kingdom of king Solomon was blessed much like our own, and they too went after idols and forgot their God and Creator, to their own demise.

It is time to choose, America, as individuals!  It is not too late, everything we have experienced to this point is God calling us back to Himself.  It is your decision to humble yourself to your Creator.  Pride and arrogance leads ultimately to destruction, but there are countless verses saying that humility and a repentant heart focused on God leads to and abundant life.  Choose life therefore, and live, America!  God exists whether you rewrite history, or not.  Remove the veil of self-worship, pride and arrogance, to see the light and truth of Christ.  America, we have a choice: either we humble our hearts, and bend our knees before God, or we wait to see what judgments come upon us