Sections in the Bible

Sections in the Bible

Matthew 1:1-17: 275 words     =      5x5x11

Jude:     456 words       =      (2x2x2x19)x3

James:   1440 words     =  (2×2)x(2x2x2)x(3×3)x5

1 John: 2128 words     =     (2×2)x(2x2x7x19)

2 John: 245 words    =   (3×3)x(3×3)x5

Add 1 & 2 John: 2592 words(2×2)x(2x2x2)x(3×3)x(3×3)

Matthew 5-7
Sermon on Mount: 1960 words =(2x2x2)x(7×7)x5

(Matthew 13)
7 parables Kingdom Of Heaven: 243 words=                                                                                      (3×3)x(3x3x3)

Laws Explained

            We have found the scriptural law of numbers to be as follows: either perfect squares or cubes, or combinations of these with 7, 11, 13, 17, or 19, the whole combination taken sometimes more than once, but never more than five times.
Or, instead of squares and cubes, the combinations are of the 7, 11, etc.,with one another.  Observe the conditions: the combinations must be of squares and cubes with no prime number above 19, nor must the combination be taken more than five times; it must be neither six nor ten.

Now, let us see what the chances are of any given number for complying with these conditions.  Between 100 and 200, only 35 numbers obey these laws.  Between 200 and 300, only 29 obey these laws.
It will be noticed that the second hundred offers a smaller number that obey the laws than the first.  One will find that as the numbers increase, the total of numbers obeying the law will decrease.
The bearing of these facts upon the proposed objection concerning the Bible numbers being due to chance is evident. For according to this showing, the larger the number is, the smaller the chance is that it will obey the laws.  Thus, it must be due to design.

There is, moreover, one other consideration which greatly diminishes the possibility of chance in the Bible numbers.  It is this: The combinations of seven, eleven, thirteen, seventeen, and nineteen with one another are marked frequently in Scripture.  The chance, however, for their occurrence are very small. The following are the chances for any given combination of the series:

For 7 and 7           one in 49
For 7 and 11         one in 77
For 7 and 13         one in 91
For 7 and 17         one in 119
For 7 and 19         one in 133

For 11 and 11       one in 121
For 11 and 13       one in 143
For 11 and 17       one in 187
For 11 and 19       one in 209

For 13 and 13       one in 169
For 13 and 17       one in 221
For 13 and 19       one in 247

For 17 and 17       one in 289
For 17 and 19       one in 323

For 19 and 19       one in 361

The average chance for any one of these combinations to occur is one in 182, and ye in the Bible these combinations occur with astonishing frequency.  And it is the frequency of these combinations more even than the presence of the striking cubes and squares which tell so strongly against the supposition of all these phenomena being due to chance.