Identity of Bible Law & Natural Law

Identity of Bible Law and Natural Law

            We have seen that there is a definate mathmatical law that has been place, or created throughout the Bible.  Since this is obviously the fingerprint of God that He has placed there for us to find, praise Him, ensure His word cannot be added to or taken from, and understand that His Word is perfect

An Example of 7 Found in Law of Nature

Water consists of nine parts. One part is hydrogen and 8 parts are oxygen.
8=2x2x2                          9=3×3

Iron, the substance that is most needful to man after water, has a periodic weight of 28.

Some other elements from the Periodic Table

Element                          Weight                            

Oxygen                               8       =2x2x2
Sulphur                             16       =2x2x2x2
Silver                                108     =2x2x3x3x3
Nitrogen                            14      =7×2
Iron                                   28      =7x2x2
Cadmium                          56      =7x2x2x2
Coesium                          133     =7×19
Mercury                           100     =2x2x5x5
Thallium                           204     =(2x2x17)x3

A large number of the remaining elements approach the law so closely that the suspicion is not ill-grounded that in their case more accurate measurements will bring them up to the law.  Thus the weight for copper is given as 31 3/4,where the addition of only 1/4 would make the number 32, and 32=(2×2)x(2x2x2).

Man’s Body

            Man’s vertebrae is numbered at 32.
His teeth at maturity, also has 32.
He has 27 small bones in his wrist and hand.
The entire number of teeth during both infancy and maturity is 52.


The period of gestation for bird eggs
            The law of incubation for all birds is one of sevens
Chickens cannot hatch unless their eggs are incubated 7×3 days.
Ducks require 28 days = 7×4 for hatching.
Pigeons require 14 days = 7×2 for hatching.

All other birds and all other egg laying creatures (including insects) that have been investigated also follow this law of 7’s.

Period of pregnancy, where all is normal, is 40×7 days for the human race, and the other mammalia likewise obey the law of 7’s in their period of gestation.

Sabbath. It is doubtless that this law of sevens has physiological significance in view that the sabbath was instituted as a day of rest for man and beast, one day in seven, and the sabbatic and jubilee years likewise.

The Solar system.  It is now well proved that within our solar system, the sun stands still, while the earth and other planets are those that are moving.  It is also proved that our sun is actually in motion – a orbit with another group of stars around the star Pleiades. Is it any accident that of these cluster of stars that are orbiting Pleiades, there are a total of 7?

The Constellation Dipper. Also known as the Big Dipper, is made up of 7 stars.
The Constellation Orion.  Also known as Orion’s Belt, is made up of 7 stars.
The Rainbow: God is Light, and the light of day, the light of the sun as he shine thin his strength, is justly deemed a fitting natural light of Him.  Now this white light of the sun when broken by the stormy cloud, gives beautiful colors, the rainbow, which has a total of 7 colors.

An Example of 11 Found in the Law of Nature

Solar year vs. lunar year
            The difference of day between the solar and lunar year:
solar year: 365 days
lunar year: 354 days
Difference:   11 days

Human hearing
The ear perceives as tone from eight vibrations in a second to 38,016.  Any vibration higher or lower the human ear will not hear.
38,016= (2×2)x(2×2)x(2x2x2)x(3x3x3x11)

Note vibrations

Vibrations of middle C         264     =     24×11
Difference between C & D    33       =     3×11
Difference between D & E    33       =     3×11
Difference between E & F    22        =    2×11
Difference between F & G    44        =    4×11
Difference between G & A    44       =     4×11
Difference between A & B    55       =      5×11
Difference between B & C    33        =     3×11

Other Examples from Nature

Speed of Sound
            Sound travels at the speed of 1092 feet per second.

Motion of the Earth is 98000 feet per second.  98,000=(2×2)x(2×2)x(5x5x5)x(7×7)

The English Mile, which like the foot is an artificial, but natural measure, is a multiple of 11’s in feet.  1 mile = 5280 feet = (2×2)x(2x2x2x11)x15

The year has 52 weeks in number.  52=(2×2)x13

The diameter of Mars is 4212 miles =                                                                                 (2×2)x(3×2)x(3x3x13)

Sound through gases

Sound through Oxygen travels at 1040 ft/sec = (2×2)x(2x2x13)x5
Sound through Carbonic Acid travels at 858 ft/sec = (11×13)x6

Velocity of planets

            Venus =1296 miles minute= 2x2x2x2x3x3x3x3
Neptune =201.6 miles per minute=                                                                                    2x2x2x2x2x3x3x7
Uranus  =252 miles per minute=  2x2x3x3x7

Diameter of Planets

            Mercury  =2992 miles=  2x2x2x2x11x17
Mars       =4212 miles= 2x2x3x3x3x3x13

Distance from earth to sun is 92,400,000 miles.  Drop the zeros = 924=(2x2x7x11)x3


         The year in which Luther nailed his thesis to the walls of the church, is the year of the beginning of the Reformation.  The year 1521 = (3×3)x(13×13)

The discovery of America, by Columbus was in the year 1496 = 2x2x2x11x17

The interval between these two dates is 25 years = 5×5

The Franco-Purssian war, 1874-1875.  The war ended is 1875 and left Germany became the one empire of modern Europe.  1875 = (5×5)x(5×5)x3

By the year 1820, Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo the year before.  and an Holy Alliance had been formed by no less than three great empires, pledging to the defense of religion and order against the tumultuous offspring of the French Revolution.
1820 = (2x2x7x13)x5

The year Mahomet declared that he was sent by God was 616 = 2x2x2x7x11

The building of the Suez Canal was completed in the year 1872 = (2×2)x(2×2)x(3x3x13)

The French Revolution began in the year 1792 = (2×2)x(2×2)x(2×2)x(2x2x7)
This commotion ended, as seen above in 1820.  It lasted for a
span of 28 years = 2x2x7


William Shakespeare was born 1568 =                                                                                         (2×2)x(2x2x2)x(7×7)
He died in 1620 = (2×2)x(3×3)x(3×3)x5
Thus he lived 52 years = 2x2x13

Fredrick the Second of Prussia was born 1716 =                                                                                    (2x2x11x13)x3

Fredrick the Great deceased in the year 819 = 3x3x7x13

Peter the Great’s career ended in 1728 =                                                                              (2x2x2)x(2x2x2)x(3x3x3)
In the same year Kant and Klopstock were born Galileo was born in the year 1568 (same as Shakespeare)

Kepler (who continued Galileo’s astronomy work) was born in 1575 = (3×3)x(5x5x7)

Mozart was born in 1760 = (2×2)x(2x2x2x11)x5

Archbishop Usher was born in 1584 =                                                                             (2×2)x(2×2)x(3x3x11)

Julius Caesar was born in 100 BC and was slain in the year 44, living 56 years.
100 = 10×10 = (2×2)x(5×5)
56 = 2x2x2x7
44 = 2x2x11