A Place to Start

Why do so many pastors and churches think of find it necessary to dumb down the Word of God for their congregation?  Is it because they are trying to ‘leave no one behind?’ or is it because it is the easier to write the sermon?


Paul says that he wishes that he could feed the people he is writing to more than milk.  That they we more than just babes in their faith.  So who is responsible to grow the people up in the church? Is a baby satisfied with just milk?  Of course they are.  But is an adult or a youth satisfied with just milk?  I doubt it.  In fact, a youth that is constantly growing…  They are constantly in need to food, and that food is milk for their bones, yes, but also steak, burgers, chicken, etc.  What they need to devour is substance.


Thus the next question is, who is the Sunday morning Christian church service for, or do we actually have the wrong idea of a church service?  After all, if we feed the congregation just milk’ the babes will be fine, content and happy, but the youth and the adults will be starving.


Well, that is what midweek and bible studies are for? Well, then should the babes come to the bible studies?  Should the adults and youth then come to Sunday morning services?  No, babes should be fed, but they should also be challenged to try and begin to eat solid food.  Every baby is eventually weaned. Every baby eventually starts eating mush, then small morsels of food, then solids.  So, should it be any different for spiritual babes? No, in fact I would challenge that spiritual babes should be weaned and taught to eat solids far quicker than real babies.


Thus a Sunday service should be more than milk, although it should have some milk.  It should also have some mush, some small morsels, and even some steak.  Then everyone in that service is fed, and every level of spiritual maturity is challenged and taught to eat and digest the next level of food that is available to them.


We as Americans especially have a consumer mentality.  Our entire economy is based on a consumer setup.  We are taught through commercials, the internet, movies, and even friends who have what we don’t, to always want more, to never be satisfied, and to be constantly buying and throwing away.  Thus the stores that sell televisions for example, never go out of business due to there not being a need for a new television, because people are constantly needing one for another room of their house, or always upgrading from the one they had before.


What does that mean for the local and national church?  That having a consumer mentality ingrained into us from outside the church, very easily comes into the church.  It is about the person in the pew, or other form of padded seat.  Did the message meet their expectations, dazzle them, or at least make them feel good about themselves for another week?


The church pew is not the place to stop, it is the place to start.

Author: Dave

I have done a bit of everything. Youth ministry, Associate Pastor, small group leader. 8 year military veteran, 5 kids. B.A. in ministry. Masters in human resources. My passion is family, marriage, and Godly Manhood.

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