Defining the Church & Mission

What is the mission and purpose of ministry?

-To point individuals to Christ, who died on the Cross

– To convict people of their sins (which is separating them from God) and lead them to repentance of their sins through Jesus Christ alone.

– To meet people in their area of need and to show them that Christ is the answer to all their needs

– To train and Equip those who set their faith in Christ for the work of the ministry

– To educate people (Christians) in the faith to understand and utilize scripture properly

– To encourage those running in the faith, renew their strength, equip and send them out in the name of Jesus

– To pray for their friends, co-workers, enemies, town, road, community, state, nation, and other believers

– To pray for the peace of Jerusalem

– To pray for harvesters to rise up, trained, equipped, and send out into the harvest fields that are as white as snow.

– To Proclaim the living Word of God as the ABSOLUTE TRUTH without adding to, subtracting from, or being ashamed of it.

Focus should not be on impacting the town, community, city or nation. Instead it should be on impacting individuals, who will in turn impact other individuals.

Be patient and pray for the blind, that they may see their need, and the deaf that their ears would be opened to the truth; Rebuke and call to repentance the Christian which is not trusting in or following the Word of God.