Examples from Bible Groups

Examples from Bible Groups

The Pentateuch

            The Body of the Pentateuch is: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.
Aaron is a prominent figure in the Pentateuch, but he appears only in the middle books.  His name appears 297 times.  297=3x3x3x11.
Aaron occurs 352 times in the entire Bible.  352=(2×2)x(2x2x2x11).

This is the first time we meet the number 11.  We shall meet it often later on.

The two books of Samuel

            Saul appears only in the first book and occurs 297 times – the same number as Aaron.  297=3x3x3x11.

Of the first book of Samuel, therefore, Saul is the key word, but of both books of Samuel, treated as a unit, David is the key word.  David’s name is found 576 times.  576=24×24 or (12×12)x(2×2) or (8×8)x(3×3) or (6×6)x(4×4) or (4x4x4)x(3×3) or (2×2)x(2×2)x(2×2)x(3×3)x(3×3).

The two books of Kings

Solomon occurs 162 times. 162=(9×9)x2=(3×3)x(3×3)x2

Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers (body of Pentateuch)

The Hebrew word for sin offering, chattath, occurs 125 times. 125=5x5x5.

1&2 Kings and 1 & 2 Chronicles

Elijah is found 64 times.  64=8×8=4x4x4=(2x2x2)x(2x2x2).

Interestingly, Elijah who was foretold to be the forerunner of our Lord at His advent, his name  occurs 27 times in the New Testament as well. 27=3x3x3.

It is also worthy to b observed that in the Old Testament Elijah’s cube is that of a 4, in the New Testament his cube is that of a three.  The sum of three and four is 7, and the usual division into which seven is generally divided in Scripture.

Adding the two above occurrences of Elijah, 64 and 27 we get 91.  91=7×13.  This combination we will later find to be one of the most important combinations of Scripture.

Moses in Old Testament

Moses is found 38 times in Deuteronomy. 38=19×2.
Moses is found 608 times in Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers.  608=(2×2)x(2x2x2x19).
Moses is found 58 times in the book of Joshua. 58 is not a number that obeys the mathematical laws, but add this number to that of the Pentateuch, we obtain some striking results.  58+608+38=704.  704=8x8x11 or 4x4x4x11 or (2x2x2)x(2x2x2x11) or (2×2)x(2×2)x(2x2xx11).

It is evident therefore, that in relation to Moses the three central books of the Pentateuch form one group, the last four books form another, and these together with Joshua form a third.  One more striking point with Moses.  If we include the number of times Moses occurs up to 2 Chronicles, it totals 728 times.  728=2x2x2x7x13. The interesting part is that at the end of 1 Chronicles, the dynasty of David is established, and the promise of the Temple is made, thus the Ark will no longer be moving. And with the erection of Solomon’s Temple with which 2 Chronicles commences, a new age begins for Israel.

New Testament

The New Testament is naturally divided thus: first the gospels, second Acts, third, the epistles, fourth the prophetic book of Revelation.  The epistles, more over, are themselves composed of two groups: those of Paul, called the Pauline epistles, and those not of Paul, called the Catholic epistles.

We have already seen that the word Truth, forming one of the key words in the entire New Testament is found to be a combination of a square and a cube.  We will now see if other words equally characteristic of the new covenant follow the same law.

The statement that God is Love is definitely given of Him in the New Testament as a definition. Love is a key word of the entire New Testament.  There are three separate words: the verb, the noun, and the adjective; to love, love, and beloved.

The verb, to love                          143 times=11×13
the noun, love                              117 times=3x3x13
the adjective, beloved                    60 times
total/the whole                              320 times=(8×8)x5 or                                                                                                                      (4x4x4)x5 or (2x2x2)x(2x2x2)x5                                                                                                    or   (2×2)x(2×2)x(2×2)x5

To Love
Gospels= 63 times                        3x3x7
Pauline epistles=36 times             6×6=(2×2)x(3×3)
Catholic epistles=40 times            (2x2x2)x5
All the epistles=76 times               2x2x19
Revelation=4 times                       2×2

The Holy Spirit is found 91 times.  91=7×13

The word Amen occurs in the New Testament 128 times: 128=(2×2)x(2×2)x(2x2x2)
In the Gospels           100 times   =     10×10=(2×2)x(5×5)
Pauline Epistles         16 times   =     4×4=(2×2)x(2×2)
Catholic Epistles          4 times   =     2×2
Revelation                     8 times   =     2x2x2

The word Law, for the fulfilling of which the new covenant was established, is found in the New Testament 192 times = (4x4x4)x3 or (8×8)x3 or (2x2x2)x(2x2x2)x3 or (2×2)x(2×2)x(2×2)x3

Epistles                      144 times   =     12×12=(3×3)x(4×4)
Gospels & Acts          48 times   =     (4×4)x3

Evangel, or gospel, Evangelize and Evangelist
Gospel                                76 times   =    2x2x19
Evangelize and Evangelist  56 times   =    2x2x2x7
The three in all                  132 times   =   (2x2x11)x3

the verb counted separately from the noun is:

Gospel                                   11 times
Acts                                  16 times   =    4×4=(2×2)x(2×2)
Epistles                                  27 times   =    3x3x3