Old Testament Examples

Examples from the Old Testament

Book of Esther

One of the key words in Esther is Haman, as Haman is an example to us of a person who forgets the truth that no one can receive nothing, except it be given him from above.  The name Haman occurs 54 times. 54=(3x3x3)x2

Book of Daniel

What makes the predictions in Daniel all the more remarkable is that they all rest on visions and dreams. Now dream is the key-word of the book of Daniel.  Daniel is also written in two languages: Hebrew and Chaldee.  ‘Dream’ occurs 5 times in Hebrew and 33 times in Chaldee, totaling 27 times.  27=3x3x3


             Jeremiah’s constant cry is repentance, and his constant threat is captivity in Babylon.  Babylon is accordingly the key word of the book of Jeremiah, occurring 169 times. 169=13×13

Jeremiah was appointed to not only prophesy unto the nations, but also to build and plant.  He had his important part to perform in the history of God’s dealings with His own.  His name, Jeremiah, is therefore also a key word.  Jeremiah occurs 128 times. 128=(2×2)x(2×2)x(2x2x2).


            Joshua is himself a type a type of our Lord, he that leadeth Gods chosen people into the promised land.  The name Joshua, the Hebrew for Jesus in the Greek, is accordingly h key word for the book and is found 168 times.  168=(2x2x2x)x3.

It is important to note, while we are here, that Jericho, which is the name of acuity all children of God must conquer occurs 28 times.  28= 2x2x7.

Book of Job

The name Job is the key word in the book of Job, and occurs 56 times.  56=2x2x2x7.

The Book of Genesis

Genesis is the book of beginnings; the book containing the account of God’s dealings with me at the beginning.  Now covenants are a characteristic feature of these, and the word for covenant, berith, is a key word to this book. Covenant occurs 27 times.  27=3x3x3.

Abraham, being the father of a multitude, the father of the children of promise, the father of the faithful, the one from whom should come that seed in whom all nations were to be blessed.  Abraham is also a key word in Genesis, and is found 192 times.  192=(4x4x4)x3=(2x2x2)x(2x2x2)x3=(2×2)x(2×2)x(2×2)x3.  It should be observed that this number is not only a cube, but a combination of two cubes, and is also a combination of three squares!

Isaac is the type of our Lord, and is therefore spoken of as the seed in whom the promise to Abraham should be fulfilled,  His name is also found to follow the law of key words: occurring 81 times.  81=(9×9)=(3×3)x(3×3).

Jacob’s name also follows this law, being found 180 times. 180=(2×2)x(3×3)x5

The Book of Exodus

The book of Exodus tells the story of Israel’s bondage in the land of Egypt, and its deliverance therefrom. Thus Egypt is a key word of Exodus, occurring 175 times. 175=5x5x7.

The Book of Jonah

            Nineveh is the key word in the book of Jonah, and occurs 9 times – a perfect square.  9=3×3.

Jonah, like Joshua, Jeremiah, and Job, is also a type of the Lord, and is also a mouthpiece of the Holy Spirit. Jonah is found 18 times.  18=(3×3)x2.