Four possible church structures

This is the structure we need:

Every Christian needs to be individually seeking God & Jesus (Who is God) and actively pursuing relationship with Him. Not relying on the church, denomination or other individuals. In this structure the individuals are seeking Christ, who in turn affect their church for Christ. Their church is also seeking Christ and the churches are all connected by the common goals of Christ.

These are some of the structures we have:


In this structure the church seeks Christ and hears from Him for the individuals, and then relays His instructions and teachings to the individuals (like Moses and the Israelites).


In this structure, the church denomination seeks God and hears from Him for their churches and individuals. They then tell their churches what to do and think. It is dangerously easy for the denomination to become the center instead of Christ.


In this structure, the Trend-setting church becomes the real center as the other churches who want to be like the trend-setting church mimic what they see, hoping to produce the same results like a formula for success. These want-to-be churches can begin to assume that everything that the trend-setting church says or does is from God, because it seems to be working, and puts aside seeking God’s will on their own.