A clean heart?

Create in me a clean heart oh God

And renew a right spirit within me.

Cast me not away from your presence

Or take not your Holy Spirit from me

restore to me the joy of your salvation

And renew a right spirit within me.

Psalm 51:10-12


For what a mighty man and leader that king David was, one thing he also teaches us throughout his life is an attitude of humility and especially repentance.  This Psalm is a perfect example of this, as king David wrote it after repenting before the Lord for killing one of his mighty men and impregnating that man’s wife, Bathsheba. 


The Psalm acknowledges and points out to us that only God is capable of creating a clean heart within us. The heart that we have in us is plagued with sin, darkness, and filth, that we chose to allow come into us.  As hard as we try, none of us is capable of removing this filth and sin from our hearts.  In Luke 6:45 we are told why the things we have stored up in our hearts is important: “out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” And again in Proverbs 27:19: “as in water face reflects face, so the heart of the man reveals the man.”.


Thus if we are to serve God whole heartily, and worship God fully in spirit and in truth, and truly be the salt and light of Christ to the earth, then we must ask God to create in us a clean heart – and not only that, but choose to keep it clean, by having a right spirit.


According to scripture, if a man sins, he is forever separated from God as a consequence for his sin. King David’s cry is to not be separated from God, and that the Holy Spirit would not be taken away from him as a result of his sin.


Instead, king David asked, that he would be reminded as to why he is who he is, and through whom his salvation comes, and this is something that we should remember as well. Our salvation is not something we have earned.  It is through the grace of God and the blood of God’s perfect lamb, Jesus, that causes God to see a sinless man or woman, and thus causes us to not remain separated from God forever.


And since we have Christ living inside of us, “thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”(Psalm 119:105).  God’s word, the Bible, Jesus, is a lamp to my feet.  Have you ever walked in the woods during the night, without a flashlight, when the cloud cover is so thick there is not even an ounce of light?  It is impossible to do without tripping, falling, walking straight into trees, or even walking off a cliff. A lamp to my feet will give me enough light to see my feet and a small circle around them. Although I cannot see too far ahead of me, at least I know where I am.  A light to my path illuminates the path I am to take, leading me from where I am to were God wants me to be. 

If we do not have that light in our own lives, how can we lead other to that light, or describe the beauty and peace we find through it?  People who do not have Jesus living inside of them, as well as those who have chosen to leave that lit path in search of their own pursuits, are like those who are walking the woods without an ounce of light to guide them.  It is our mission and calling from God to ultimately stand on that hill and seek people out in order to shine God’s light for all to see.  Anyone trapped in utter darkness will always walk to a light when there is one to guide them. 


But for there to be people drawn to God, if our desire as God’s people truly is to see revival, then we must first examine our own hearts and our open lives, and to be willing to humbly turn our hearts and lives over to Jesus to revive our hearts, to seek a clean heart, and to have the joy of God’s salvation be restored to its rightful place of most importance in our lives.