The Bended Knee Warrior


“There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death”

Proverbs 16:25


By definition a crossroads is a place where the traveler must stop and make a decision on which road or path to take. Each direction will result in a different destination, but the traveler is guaranteed to arrive at an end point in either case. The traveler must decide which path he wants to take at all the crossroads he will encounter along his journey, taking into account what his desired destination is. A wise traveler will invest time and energy into becoming a skilled navigator, in order to ensure his intended destination is reached, as many roads will not be marked with the final destination in mind, or marked with who owns the road on which he is choosing to travel. A foolish or haphazard traveler chooses to make every decision at these crossroads by random selection, or which path appears to offer the most appealing travel, choosing in the moment with no concern where the road leads or the final destination.

Some say the journey or enjoyment is more important than the final destination, arguing that all roads ultimately lead to the same place. Others have identified the final destination they desire to finish at, but choose to remain unskilled in navigating the roads, and easily become lost. There are those who are too timid to choose a particular path at the crossroads, choosing instead to wonder in circles at the crossroads. Lastly, there are those who have identified their final destination, have labored to become skilled navigators, and laying aside everything that hinders or distracts them, running the race to win the prize.


Which are you?


Within these pages, the goal is not just completion. Anyone of the personality types mentioned above can accomplish that. No, in this case it is the journey that is important. And you find yourself at a crossroads in this very moment. In the journey you may now choose to take, your willingness to tear down walls and rebuild foundations, when needed, will be tested. The path you may walk will call you to open your heart and mind allowing the Holy Spirit to renovate rooms and open doors that may have been bolted shut in your heart or mind. Ultimately, this crossroads is the call of those who desire to skillfully choose the path God has planned for them, with the goal to hear Him say, “Well done good and faithful servant… Enter into your rest and reward.”

Cross Roads Devotional