A Lesson From Pharaoh

Throughout the bible we see glimpses of Egypt, as an example to our own lives.


In the story of Joseph, we see God not only using Joseph to save Israel and Egypt from the severe famine, we also see Pharaoh being used.  God gives Pharaoh the dreams that Joseph interprets.  He also causes Pharaoh to pursue the answer to what the dream meant.  After all, I do not know about you, but I do not really try to find out what my dreams mean.  Or if I do wonder, I do not go asking everyone around me from the wisest to the man in prison.  When no one can interpret his dream, Pharaoh does not just give up or decide that it was just the food he ate last night.  God has placed a feeling or seed within him so he knows that this dream is important, and he better keep pursuing what it’s hidden meaning is.


Thus, when the cup bearer finally remembers his promise to Joseph, the Pharaoh of all Egypt is not thinking that an imprisoned slave cannot help him- he is open to whoever might be used to unlock this mystery.  This would be like the president of the united states pulling someone out of federal prison to interpret his dream.


Obviously Pharaoh had major relief of anxiety to not only release Joseph from prison, but to also make him second in command of all of Egypt.  From federal prison to vise president in a moment. But it also reveals one other important truth – whether or not Pharaoh believed in God or not, his heart was soft and open to God, because Joseph gave credit to God before he interpreted the dream – a dream that God gave to Pharaoh.


Now, because of this soft, open heart that Pharaoh had towards God, all Egypt is saved through Pharaohs actions.  And not only that but Egypt flourishes – at least from Pharaohs perspective, after all, at the end of the famine, he owns everything and everyone in Egypt.


Flash forward approximately 400 plus years.  Moses is confronting the current Pharaoh of Egypt.  Unlike this previous Pharaoh, the current Pharaoh hardens his heart to God, even being worshiped as a god himself.  Because of this hardness of heart, which God uses as an example to the world, Israel, and every generation since, Egypt is changed from the worlds strongest superpower to a wasteland.  And I would strongly contend that the condition Egypt was left in upon Israel’s departure were similar to, if not worse than, the conditions they would have experienced if they hard not been saved from the famine all those years before.


Ultimately, the contrast is between an open heart and attitude towards God and His leading, and a closed or hard heart towards God.  The first brought provision and supreme blessing, while the latter brought judgement and destruction.


Let me ask you this: are we, the United States, above this same principle? Or is any other country for that matter?  I dare say no, we are not.


Egypt was blessed and prospered for many centuries after the initial act of Pharaoh and Joseph, even after the Pharaohs after turned the Israelites into slaves.


America too, has been blessed beyond what our founders could possibly have dreamed.  Established with God at the center and heart of the nation, America has been  built up into the world superpower of it’s day, just as Egypt was. And just like the Pharaoh in the days of Moses, our government too is hardening it’s heart towards God and turning it’s back on Him.  Do we think that we are better than Egypt or in someway the rules do not apply to us? Many nations have gone before us.  Just the time that Israel was in Egypt was 400 years, and Egypt existed long before that – yet we have lasted a snipped in time in comparison to them.


I am not saying that America must cease to exist, but before calamity came upon them, their leader – Pharaoh was given a choice: to acknowledge God and that He has ultimate authority over every nation, or to raise himself up as equal or above God. The Bible tells us which Pharaoh chose.


Today I put before you a choice. Blessing and cursing… Choose life that you may live.

Author: Dave

I have done a bit of everything. Youth ministry, Associate Pastor, small group leader. 8 year military veteran, 5 kids. B.A. in ministry. Masters in human resources. My passion is family, marriage, and Godly Manhood.

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